8 Ways to Help Seniors in Your Community

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With age, it is common for seniors to experience reduced mobility, lower stamina, and some level of cognitive impairment. Additionally, seniors who live alone, away from family can also experience stress and difficulties managing ADLs. In this article by Ronald J. Fichera Law Firm, we explore various ways you can pitch in to help seniors in your community.

Home-Based Needs

Managing a home independently is no easy task, but here are a few ways you can make the process easier:

  • Run Errands: Whether it be buying groceries, making a trip to the cleaners, cooking meals, or more, volunteer to undertake the responsibility of running weekly errands.
  • Help Them Pay Bills: Make a trip to the local bank branch and help them set up automatic payments for utility bills. This way they never have to worry about being late on payments for necessities.
  • Assist in Home Maintenance: As and when needed, help them schedule appointments with handyman services for repairs around the home.

Health-Based Needs

Here are a few ways you can help seniors manage their healthcare requirements:

  • Manage Doctor's Appointments: Help coordinate the process of contacting their healthcare provider, setting appointments, and driving them to the clinic.
  • Enroll them for Telehealth: Iora Primary Care explains that through telehealth platforms, seniors can meet with doctors, and renew prescriptions from the comfort of their home. This is extremely beneficial for those with mobility issues.
  • Help Find Professional Help: If even managing basic ADLs is becoming difficult, suggest to them the option of moving into an assisted living family where they'll receive round-the-clock care. Doing some research on facilities in your area is a good idea – check on pricing and what level of care is provided. You’ll find plenty of choices in the Philadelphia area, which has nearly 50 nursing homes.

But given that you're not family, it's important to not take a lead on this decision. Advise them to speak with their loved ones and make an informed choice.

Safety-Based Needs

As reported by Bankrate, seniors are a high-risk group for being targeted by thieves and scammers. Here are two ways you can help to keep them safe:

Undertaking these steps – including assessing and assisting with home-based, health-based and safety-based needs – will have a major positive impact on the health, and wellbeing of seniors in your community

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