"What is worse than having no sight is being able to see, but have no vision."  - Helen Keller

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With over thirty-five years of legal experience, RJ Fichera Law Firm has been a trusted legal advisor and advocate for Businesses, Non-profit Organizations, Individuals, and Families within the Philadelphia region and the surrounding suburbs and throughout the United States and Overseas. We not only solve legal problems when they arise, we also provide a depth of experience and expertise to help you avoid and overcome the legal hurdles that confront your business or organization by providing strategic legal and business planning.

Quality Legal Representation

Our goal is to assist you in avoiding legal problems; we can also provide practical solutions to any legal problem you may have. Our legal staff is diverse, experienced, and highly skilled. Our expertise has been highly focused and developed over years of real and practical experience. We have a record of achievement and success in Commercial and Business Law, Business Consulting, Estate Planning, Administrative Law, and Litigation.

We also provide strategic, practical, timely, and cost-effective legal counsel and business advice utilizing a real alternative to traditional law firms. By changing the way we work with our Clients and employing an overall holistic approach, we can suggest innovative approaches and solutions to the issues and problems affecting you, your family, and/or your business.

Our practice is highly diverse. We provide advice and representation in traditional and emerging areas of the law for local, regional, national, and international businesses. Most of our Clients are entrepreneurs with businesses founded and managed with forward-thinking and planning. We provide the high level of commitment to their success that they expect of themselves.

When counseling and representing individuals, we ensure that all of our Clients' needs are considered and addressed. We offer an alternative to the often impersonal, revenue-centered "business of law" conducted by many law firms. Our approach is one of a strategic alliance with our Clients.

Wealth Management. Wealth Planning and Wealth Management are core to your (and your family's) quality of life. It's an ongoing process, not a one-time event. Life circumstances such as marriage, having a child, divorce, disability, and impending death affect your financial picture. Whether your needs are straightforward or more complex, our process begins with a personalized review of your financial and life objectives.

We work together with you and your CPA, financial advisor, and insurance professional to: identify and understand your key goals, objectives, and the wealth management issues most important to you; develop your net worth statement; assess your current financial situation; draft your estate and wealth management documents; plan for life-changing events through several types of Estate Planning techniques; and review and discuss considerations for retaining, transferring, and/or sharing your wealth.

In the corporate arena, our services include the development of business plans, the formation of new companies, the establishment of proper corporate procedures, significant management decisions, the development and execution of sales and marketing strategies, the creation and execution of public relations strategies, copywriting services, i.e., the writing and review of press releases, brochures, catalogs and newsletters, Web site copy and all matters involved in Web site design, assistance with FTC compliance issues, negotiations and solidifying business arrangements, including partnerships, strategic alliances, and joint ventures, as well as, providing the exit and business succession strategies and assistance associated with winding up and selling a company's operations.

Although our goal is to help our clients avoid litigation, we have the ability and experience to represent our Clients in matters involving simple contract disputes, governmental administrative agency complaints, and major litigation affecting the viability of a Client's business. We provide our client with the best advice we can muster from all the facts, evidence, and review of the law, and we negotiate, settle and/or litigate based on our Client's instructions. We work with and for our Clients every step of the way.

Our Clients find us to be open and accessible and will benefit from our progressive thinking, strategic planning, and creative approach to our Clients' needs and expectations.

We provide expertise, skill, experience, teamwork, and diverse services with a fully integrated holistic approach. We can deliver the maximum benefit at a very fair price by utilizing cost-effective solutions.

Many of our Clients have come to us from referrals or from seeing the positive results we achieved for one of our Clients. Feel free to contact us today for further information about how we can benefit you, your business, or your organization.

Have you ever had your legal matters passed around to different, often inexperienced, lawyers at a large firm? Have you needed to explain your issues time and time again to different lawyers and then get billed for it? Have you forgone legal advice due to the cost at large firms? Are you simply confused about how to start planning for your future?

In addition to the traditional hourly work, we offer Legal Plans that allow our Clients to receive in-house corporate rates paid on a monthly basis.