The Man for the Job

Ron's multifaceted skills in legal, business, finance, and strategy are second to none. I have worked with Ron in all these scenarios in multiple companies. His programmatic thinking and level-headed approach to problem-solving are what you're looking for in business today. There are so few attorneys in my nearly 30 years of business as a producer and advanced strategy marketer that ever take a proactive approach to compliant messaging.

Ron not only looks for the positive in everything, but he also ensures that compliance is the #1 focus and that sales and marketing, as well as the Executive team and business operations, are supported at the highest level to achieve success with every complex strategy. I have watched Ron jump into roles in an interim position to save the day much like a Superhero for issues of HR, finance, company operations, marketing, sales, and business management as well as international expansion.

All of these gifts that Ron brings to a company are with an uncanny understanding of the law and how to operate a company in today's business climate legally. Today it is virtually impossible to run a company without contract review, defensive legal operations, and proactive compliance.

Ron not only makes this look like an art, but he does it with such incredible grace under fire and with so many decades of experience – his insight is invaluable. If you're in the market for legal or business guidance, and you want to take your company to the next level, Counselor Ron Fichera is your man for the job.

– Bill Ganz, CEO, Sterile Safe Solutions