Our watchword is TRUST. We respect each of our clients, and we focus on their individual needs and their personal and business responsibilities. Only in this way can we maintain our ultimate goal to be a trusted partner and colleague with our clients and be recognized and respected by our clients to deliver excellent services.

We value:

  • Integrity, Excellence & Accountability.
  • A Total Commitment to Truth & Justice.
  • Practicing Tolerance.
  • Empathy.
  • Open Communication.
  • Innovation.
  • Teamwork.
  • Timeliness.
  • Reliability.

The highest reward for a person's toil is not what they get for it, but what they become by it." -- John Ruskin

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Our Mission is to provide trusted, professional legal services and strategic advice to assist our clients in their personal and business matters. Our Firm is committed to delivering efficient and cost-effective legal services focusing on communication, responsiveness, and attention to detail. We work with clients collaboratively and proactively to understand their objectives, resolve any current issues, and anticipate and prevent future problems. To help our clients achieve their Estate Planning and Business Goals, we provide expert legal counsel knowledgeably and compassionately, creating measurable value for our clients through the unique application of holistic, innovative, socially responsive, consistent, and dependable services.

Our Vision is to be the preeminent Elite Boutique Law Firm, building on our reputation by fulfilling the needs of our clients in an individual, holistic, and personal way. How to achieve that Vision begins and ends with self-awareness.

If you attempt to find and understand your own Vision, a discovery necessary for success, you must reflect upon the WHY of what you do and what you are actually trying to achieve.

The methodology to realize that Vision can be best described as “Strategic Preeminence.” All legal knowledge and business focus must be imbued to the fullest with a mindset that places all planning and tactical elements in perspective and within an overall strategic plan of action that has one single purpose, i.e., to fulfill that Vision.

Thus, “Strategic Preeminence” is achieved when building a business within a present state of “Client Preeminence.”

From this Vision and out of this WHY, you must then focus your energy on the Client, i.e., the individual, the person, and his or her needs. It follows, therefore, that to achieve your Vision and true success, you must dedicate your business purpose to your clients' protection, guidance, satisfaction, and happiness.

Therefore, you must treat all “Customers” as “Clients.” What is the distinction?

The Customer wants something from you.
The Client wants to share something with you.

You sell something to Customers.
You provide services and share something with Clients.

You focus on selling to a Customer.
You focus on serving the Client.

The Customer merely buys something from you.
The Client seeks advice and solutions and affiliation with you.

Your relationship with a Customer is neutral.
Your relationship with a Client is qualitative.

You sympathize with Customers.
You empathize with Clients.

You are the Customer's salesperson.
You are the Client's Advocate.

The Customer has a short-term economic relationship with you.
The Client has a long-term protective and loyal relationship with you.

Customers come and go.
Clients seek a life-long personal association.

In the end, you must be the Client's Advocate, Colleague, Patron, Sponsor, Protector, and Counselor.

Walmart has Customers.
We have Clients.

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