Our focus is on the protection of our clients, their families, and their businesses. The objective is to provide a platform that assures continual success in building and nurturing the well-being of the family in every respect.

We assist our clients and their families in creating all the documentation related to their Estates, including Wills, Trusts, and other more advanced Estate documents, including Charitable Trusts, Asset Protection Trusts, and Dynasty Trusts, as well as all matters related to Business Succession Planning.

We also provide assistance with any and all documents related to Healthcare requirements for our clients, including Living Wills, Powers of Attorney, and other Fiduciary documents.

We understand that most people are unaware of their rights and remedies regarding Nursing Home Care, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security Benefits, and the other elements related to Elder Care, and we can provide advice and assistance in that regard.



We have incorporated a unique "Virtual Estate Planning System" (VEPS) that allows our clients to be involved with the drafting of their own Estate Planning Documents as part of a Customized Estate Planning Package that includes a personalized Will and related Trust Documents, as well as, the Durable Financial and Health Care Powers of Attorney, and Business Succession Documents. Utilizing our Firm's online VEP System and the Questionnaire to complete your own Customized Estate Planning Package will reduce the amount of time and cost normally associated with the Estate Planning Process.



We offer and provide Strategic Business Planning for Businesses and Non-profit Organizations, taking into account all the elements of Estate Planning with a fully integrated approach. We can assist you in negotiating your business transactions and write and/or review all your business documents. We have the experience and expertise to walk you through the regulatory agency maze, including the SEC, the FTC, and the FDA. In addition, we have negotiated and provided business and legal assistance to companies opening and developing markets overseas. We can also assist in your Business Succession Plan as part of your Life Estate Plan. Whether retirement is many years away, just over the horizon, or not in your game plan at all, a Succession Plan is vital to ensuring the continued success of any business.



We can advise our clients on the best business structure or entity that best fulfills their business needs and goals. Through strategic planning and proper legal organization, we can help our clients decide how best to move forward with their business plans, whether it's through a corporate entity or partnership. We can insulate our clients from liability and save them a significant amount of money in fees, costs, regulatory expenses, and taxes in the long run. We can help you start your business so that you can maximize your potential for profits while minimizing your expenses and risks.



Government regulation is a necessary element of business activities in today's business environment. The field of administrative law can be a dangerous legal minefield for unprepared business owners. We can guide you through the wide range of issues and elements that are now integral to business activities in the global marketplace. We have experience in licensing applications, FTC and FDA compliance, SEC matters, HR issues and employee rights, and the specific nature of Network Marketing Laws and Direct Sale Regulations. Government regulatory matters and litigation require experience and expertise that are quite different from matters involving litigation between private parties. We have a thorough understanding of this complex field and can help you avoid any problems you may face and defend you against government regulatory inquiries or complaints when the need arises.



Our services can provide the legal protection necessary so that our clients can anticipate problems and avoid litigation. We also recognize that litigation is a fact of everyday life. However, litigation can be expensive and time-consuming. Moreover, Courts take a dim view of parties who choose to litigate without any attempt to resolve the dispute beforehand. Proceeding to litigation with no attempt to negotiate, mediate, or arbitrate a business dispute comes at a risk and can prove costly, even if you prevail! Therefore, we advise a sensible and pragmatic approach to dispute resolution with cost containment and narrowing the issues in advocating on your behalf. When our clients need to resolve a business dispute, we have the experience and expertise to present the best case to achieve a successful resolution. Although many factors are involved in developing a winning strategy, our knowledge and expertise have served our Clients well. We know how to win, and with our client's cooperation, we can do so quickly and inexpensively.