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  Couples Will

     Individual Living Trust

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Estate Planning Packages Include: -  

Basic Will Plans: -

 1. Free Initial Consultation

 2. Last Will(s) and Testament

 3. Durable Power of Attorney for Business Affairs

 4. Advance Health Care Directive(s)

 5. Assignment of Tangible Personal Property

 6. Nomination(s) of Guardian for Minor(s) (if any)

 7. Declaration of Community Property (where appropriate)

 8. Form Letter with Instructions for Distribution of Personal Property

 9. Burial Instructions

10. Summary Cover Letter Explaining Documents

Revocable Living Trust Plans Also Include: -

 1. Revocable Living Trust

 2. Certification of Trust

 3. Pour-over Will(s) (to replace #2 above)

 4. Trust Synopsis (in plain English, not legalese)

 5. Funding Instructions (for after-acquired assets)

 6. Separate Schedule "A" - Initial Trust Assets

 7. HIPAA Document(s)

 8. Explanation of Estate Planning Provisions  

 9. Signing Instructions  

10. Summary Cover Letter Explaining Documents


Attorney Reviewed: -  One (1) Consultation and Review w/ Estate Planning Attorney


Attorney Prepared Documents May Also Include: -

  1. Deed for Residence (if needed)  

  2. Deed for other Real Property (if needed)  

  3. Letter(s) of Instructions to Bank(s)  

  4. Letters of Instruction for Brokers, Mutual Funds, and Direct Registration Accounts (if needed)  

  5. Stock Powers and Transmittal Letters for Stock Certificates held by you (if needed)  

  6. Letters of Instruction for Life Insurance, IRA's and Annuities (if needed)  

  7. Assignments for Business Interests, General and Limited Partnerships, LLC's (if needed),

  8. Notes and Deeds of Trusts (if needed)  

  9. Explanation of Estate Planning Provisions  

  10. Signing Instructions  

  11. Summary Cover Letter Explaining Documents


*Most Clients choose to have Complete Estate Plan Packages prepared. Occasionally, however, certain situations will arise where a Client simply wants an individual document. In those cases, the fees are as follows:


Individual Estate Planning Documents Fees; - 

  • Nomination of Guardian for Minor Children  ...  $300.00

  • Advance Health Care Directive ...  $300.00

  • Bypass Trust Provisions ...  $450.00

  • Special Needs Trust Provisions ...  $450.00

  • Assignment of Business Interests ...  $450.00

  • Durable Power of Attorney for Business Affairs  ...  $450.00

**Additional Consultations may be required depending on the Client's situation.

   Hourly Fees are Billed at $250.00 per Hour. 

Custom Binding Service: $99.00



Protect and store your valuable Estate Planning Documents in our attractive Binder. When you purchase our Custom Binding services we will:

  • Print (2) Copies of your Estate Planning Documents

  • Organize your Documents using our Custom Tabs

  • Insert the Documents into the Estate Planning Binder

  • And ship directly to your home