Why You Need An Estate Plan.


​Numerous studies have shown that 51% of Americans age 55 to 64 do not have a Will, and have no Estate Plan. Even worse, 62% of those age 45 to 54 — and 67% of women that age — have no Will and No Estate Plan.

Assuredly, for those who actually do have a Will, it probably has not been updated in several years.

No matter what the excuse, there is, in fact, no legitimate reason for not having a current Estate Plan no matter what your present circumstances are, and especially if you have children.

Without an Estate Plan

You lose control over how your property will be distributed and how it might be used; who will care for your minor children and how they will be treated; who will be in charge of your care should you become incapacitated and how that care will be administered; who will take over your Business should you have one and how the assets will be disbursed.

Without a full Estate Plan, all those issues will be turned over to the court of local jurisdiction and there will, no doubt, be a heavy financial and emotional cost for you and those left to sort out the various pieces of your uncertain legacy.

Estate Planning is more than who gets what when; it is the only way you can live out your final years in peace and relative comfort and know that you have done everything to protect your family after you are gone. You must plan for the worst and not simply hope for the best. Indeed, to have no Plan is a recipe for economic chaos and an emotional nightmare.

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