"Excellence is to do a common thing in an uncommon way." --Booker T. Washington

At the Ronald J. Fichera Law Firm, we provide Strategic Estate Planning that includes fully integrated Business Planning for Entrepreneurs, Businesses, and Non-profit Organizations utilizing a fully integrated holistic approach when servicing our clients.
We believe that every business person needs to devise a fully integrated Estate Plan as part of his or her Business Plan. Only in this way can all the contingencies related to financial & tax planning, & family succession be achieved. Learn more about our Estate Planning Services:

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We are Lawyers and Business Consultants who can assist you in creating your Business Plan & Managing your Business. Learn more about our Business Services:

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Every person and every family has unique personal, financial, and business situations. Choosing an Estate Planning Attorney and Advisor is a crucial decision. RJ Fichera Law Firm provides you with the convenience and affordable fixed fee of an online Estate Planning Service together with professional legal advice and individually drafted Estate Planning Documents to meet your specific needs.

In developing a complete, forward-looking Business Plan, collaborative, transparent, dependable relationships, combined with personal and technological resources, are the essence of success. Every element necessary for the creation of your Business Plan is provided and available to our clients and their families.

In order to form businesses, protect operations, reduce the risk of litigation, and serve the numerous other needs of businesses, we offer our clients a comprehensive array of services.

Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Entity Formation
  • Operating & Shareholder Agreements
  • Contract Preparation, Negotiations & Review
  • Document Preparation & Analysis
  • Shareholder & Partnership Agreements
  • Collection of Receivables
  • Review of Financing Documents & Leases
  • Buy-Sell Agreements
  • Strategy for Sale, Transition, or Close-out

We believe we can help our Clients at the Executive Level create, develop, and implement the necessary plans and systems to concentrate on the Big Picture and know that their staff has a Blueprint for Success to guide them.

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